Review: La Ferme Mar Chaaya


Mission: A new resolution for the spring/summer : find new outdoor activities to unlock my son’s 6 year old fingers from the play station controller. New activities so that he can experience “adventure” rather than through Dora and Diego’s . Most importantly to find new ways to nourish both my children’s minds and mine along the way.

This past beautiful Sunday morning (18/05/2014) we chose to enjoy a morning activity in the nature. I had heard a lot of good feedback about a Farm in Mar Chaaya – did research and found they had a brunch activity – sent them during the week a Facebook message and reserved a table for my family and some friends that I am recruiting on my mission.

Upon arriving to the Farm situated in the heart of the Mar Chaaya hill just under the convent – you can not but immediately feel inspired to re-enact Julie Andrews “the hills are alive” from the Sound of Music 🙂 don’t worry I didn’t 🙂

There is no sign to tell you where to go – just follow the smell of the animals – which you get used to oddly enough.

The children loved it. They ran viewing each animal from pigs, to lamas, peacock and even a monkey!

(all picture contributions were taken by my son) 20140518-205927-75567940.jpg 20140518-205927-75567446.jpg

Feeding the pony and horses was greatly enjoyed by all the children – followed by a pony ride was the highlight of the day.

From an educational and developmental point – the experience is extremely beneficial for a child’s sensory and cognitive development in addition to many other benefits.

On the other hand, the experience would have been complete if there was better organization of the actual brunch.

As stated before – I had reserved based on the request stated on the Facebook page. Unfortunately there was no need – as seating are on sharing tables – that does not work well in Lebanon as we tend to go in groups and not alone as in Europe.

We did not find anywhere to sit as there weren’t enough seats on any table to fit our group. Choosing to be one with nature we sat on the grass. Which was still fun for the whole family!

Food variety and presentation was mediocre – but the good thing was that all the food was made from farm produce and all natural – a rare experience these days.

The service team seemed overwhelmed with the heavy traffic of people that seemed unexpected. Which is ironic as they have been promoting the page and destination on Facebook for a while now…


SuperMommy review:

Child Age Suitability :

1 year to 10 years

Stroller friendly:


Educational contribution: (scale 1-10)


(some information about each animal would have aided the score – a visual aid to help parents explain to the children the name and origin of the animal they were viewing)

Kids Menu:

all natural and healthy but lacked variety


Very feasible @ 20,000 LL per adult 10,000 LL per child

(recently increased from 10$ & 5$ respectively – but still very feasible)

Would I recommend to other mommies:

Definitely Yes

A trip to the Mar Chaaya farm was definitely a good first step to start my mommy mission… Stay tuned for more activities


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