Why do we need to protect breastfeeding in Lebanon?

Dear Readers – let’s play a game…

Let’s pretend that we live in a country that actually puts our lives as a priority and the needs of our children. Let’s also pretend that we are not sitting on our nerves out of fear where the next explosion or waiting for the “self” re-elected officials to decide what piece of our cake they will take…

A group of supermoms have been fighting very hard for us and our children. These women of a group called Lactica – A Lebanese organization that supports, promotes and protects breastfeeding in Lebanon – have been petitioning to promote breastfeeding and stop the unorthodox advertising of the Formula milk industry in Lebanon.

They staged a “nurse-in” on the steps of the ministry to draw attention to their vital cause. (25-06-2014)





Why should we breastfeed? I think this picture says it all:


How long should we breastfeed?

As a mother – you choose how long you can breastfeed. But no matter how long you can as long as you can give your child a fighting chance during the first period in their lives is extremely important. With the rigid maternity leave and sometimes unfair internal company laws sometimes make breastfeeding impossible for a working mom.


Why should we protect Breastfeeding?

Woman should be able to be given the choice and not bombarded by the clever advertising and sampling campaigns of the major Baby Formula manufacturers. More public service announcements should be invested by the Ministry of Health. and the Ministry should take decisive steps in its efforts to implement Law 47/2008 to protect breastfeeding.

Women and new moms should be able to be given the choice!



My advice for all moms:

You are a great mom no matter how long you choose to breastfeed. Be it the first 48 hours, 40 days, 6 months, or 3 years – just make the educated choice that is beneficial for you and your baby. Stay healthy and take care of yourself and diet while breastfeeding and listen to your doctor. 

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Facebook support groups:





check out more on http://www.supermommybeirut.com/



2 thoughts on “Why do we need to protect breastfeeding in Lebanon?

  1. you need to target pregnant mothers before they deliver, there is a major need for lactation consultants, breastfeeding clinics in order to get mothers to breast feed, and breastfeed for as long as they could. The lack of information, help and support is the first reason why mothers do not breastfeed, Both OBGYNs as well as pediatric physicians need to emphasis the importance.


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