Review: Yalla Babywear

Being a mom of a baby makes simple tasks of going to the supermarket, walking down the street or certain places that are not always stroller-friendly an exhausting  mission. The younger the baby the heavier the stroller!

I have been searching for a solution and I finally found it while surfing the web – I came across Yalla! BabyWear facebook page.

I placed an order online and received it to my doorstep! I always have a fear of ordering online especially using my credit card… but with Yalla! I paid the courier the amount in cash when I received the product. What a relief!

So what is baby “wearing”? 

“Babywearing” simply means holding or carrying a baby or young child using a cloth baby carrier. Holding babies is natural and universal; baby carriers make it easier and more comfortable, allowing parents and caregivers to hold or carry their children while attending to the daily tasks of living. (

We all know that certain carriers in the market can be very bad for a baby’s hip alignment – that is why you should choose yours very wisely.

An even better advantage – Yalla! Babywear is run by SUPERMOMS!!!! Even more proof that when given the chance moms can run a successful business and maintain their super mommy status with their family and kids! Go Yalla! team go! I was contacted by Joelle – a supermom of twins that is currently managing the business in Lebanon. The fact that these products are made by moms and for other moms is a thrill in its own right!





But is the sling as good as what a I anticipated?

The Supermommy Review:


Yalla! Packaging


Packaging very neat and creative!

Product stitching and fine threading done to perfection

Price very feasible for a product that is Handmade.

Developmental benefits:

Babies loved to be touched, hugged, held and feel loved. This is the most essential need and requirement every baby needs to build security and self-belonging. Intentional touch between a parent and a baby is a vital part of a child’s healthy physical and emotional development. Intentional Touch has many physical benefits for baby, including stimulation of the digestive, circulatory, and lymph systems. This is in addition to being a way to create adult-baby emotional bonding. 

Would I recommend to other mommies:


 Being a firm believer of attachment parenting but please wear your baby safely and follow the instructions. 

Yalla website:

check out more on


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