Beer-flavored candy offered to children

During an outing with the family at a festival this past weekend my 6-year-old son was offered a BEER flavored candy sachet!!!



So I can start venting about marketing ethics etc… But for now I am choosing not to comment as this goes beyond my personal opinion as a mother but just as an eye-opener to all mothers:

“Be Careful what is being distributed to your children!”

What’s next, should I be prepared for when my son will get Vodka flavored Chips at the next event I take him targeted for children?

Brand name removed because as this blog is always ethical and trustworthy – and I have contacted the distributor in Lebanon directly to fix their mistake and not have it repeated. I am hoping that this was a single incident – or a one employee … let’s hope for this…

Supermoms keep your eyes open from anything that is being directly distributed to your children – teach your children not to open or eat anything without your approval. 


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