Things they didn’t tell you about being a mother

Before becoming a mother, I had watched my fair share of movies and comedies of the “dirtier” side of motherhood and was also introduced to a new kind of unconditional love a mother can have for her child.

The emotional happiness and sense of completeness that only another mother can understand when her children and family are with her.

Motherhood is such an amazing blessing that has changed my life, my priorities and most important change was: ME

So I was somewhat ready for all the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, clean up, spitting, crying, and tantrums… but what I didn’t expect or was ready for was that sense of loneliness.




I don’t know if it’s just me, but what I found is men tend to stay in their groups and continue to make outing plans even well into fatherhood.

“Guys night” is much easier and achievable than organizing a “girls night”.

Organizing the kids, making sure all is set with daddy, and actually getting out of the house is not always so easy. And to be honest “girls night out” no longer appeals to me all the time as it did before.

I am definitely a supporter that life doesn’t stop when you become a mother – and we should have an occasional “girls night out” just for the fun of it! But organizing them can sometimes feel an impossible mission.

Another thing that I didn’t expect when I became a mom is losing touch with so many friends.

Either the single friends that have different plans, other friends that are now living abroad or the others that have drifted apart with time… that’s life I suppose…

I personally enjoy going out with my kids.

I love meeting new people.

I want my children to meet new people.

Be introduced to new perspectives, different characters and learn to socially interact with other children.

We are very lucky to in this age of social media and networking. So I have decided to take full advantage of this and took the initiative to create playgroups for moms and children where we can all meet up and socialize!


supermommy beirut playgroups

The aim of these meet ups will benefit both Mother and child:

Benefit for the Moms and Moms-to-Be:

  1. Make new friends and meet new people
  2. Support each other – let’s share our problems and advice with others
  3. Teach each other: sharing activities and ideas we can do at home
  4. Enjoy spending time playing with your kids
  5. PURE FUN!

Benefits for your Child:

  1. Make new friends, help them create new social bonds that will help them in school and life
  2. Improve their of co-operation and sharing
  3. Learn more about themselves and others through playing with new children
  4. New experiences that will help them interact with adults and children.
  5. PURE FUN!


So if you are a mom living in Lebanon, and are interested in joining a playgroup  : JOIN THE SUPER MOMMY COMMUNITY  HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GROUPS/SUPERMOMMYBEIRUT/

And don’t forget to share! Let’s Socialize!




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