Celebrating Motherhood. World Breastfeeding Week

It has been a dark and emotionally draining few weeks living in the Middle East. With the growing amount of hatred, racism, oppression that is bombarding us all around.

I personally have reached a point in fearing for the fate of  humanity and where all this hatred that is being embedded between all of us will lead. What future will await our children?

So I chose to write about a topic that can change the world. Through education, love, and bonding. To help our generation and future generation grow in healthy, emotionally stable environments… I hope…

This week marks – World Breastfeeding Week – it is held every year from August 1-7 – organized by WABA (World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action), WHO and UNICEF

It was initially launched  in 1991 to bring global awareness and promote exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life which yields tremendous health benefits, providing critical nutrients, protection from deadly diseases and fostering growth and development. Not forgetting the unique emotional and physical bonding with the mother.

This year’s (2014) slogan is “Breastfeeding: a Winning Goal for Life!” – bringing awareness to the numerous health benefits for mother and child in breastfeeding.



Campaign 2013 was also very interesting and shows how we can all support this cause: Check it out!

World breastfeeding Week Campaign 2013


Can you imagine if topics like these were given more importance by our elected officials?

How different would our country and our lives be – if actually giving the same investment in time and resources were allocated by us and our government to give humans a better way of life.

We are now talking about the education and facilitation of breastfeeding – but this is just a small example of  the many, many other important causes that we could and should concentrate on. Not the chairs, greed for power or allow oppression and poverty led so many of our fellow countrymen to wish for war and breed hate. Will we all just be another statistic or considered collateral damage from the pre-planned road map some psychopaths have conjured up. I refuse to be a statistic!


Let’s make a change – no matter how small.


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