Easy and Quick Meal: Curried Vegetable Rice

I am a big fan of spices. They give your meal that extra “zing” and some spices have their own health benefits too!

Curry definitely will give you a special “zing” – a very well known spice we link to food from South Asia mainly. Curry powder is a mixture of different spices – and it can range to mild to spicy – so choose carefully!

Curry powder mixes include turmeric, coriander, cumin, chili peppers, sweet basil in their blends – plus other spices depending on the mixture.

The fact that Curry contains Turmeric (the spice that gives it the yellow color) has its own important health benefits.

Recent scientific studies have shown Turmeric (in Lebanon we may know it as 3e2deh Safra), and it’s main active component curcumin, may help prevent everything from Alzheimer’s disease to cancer. So that’s reason enough to have the occasional curry dish with the family.


So here’s a very quick and easy dish that I like to prepare from time to time.

Vegetarian and Great for the family:


1 Cup Rice (pre-soaked and washed in water for 30 minutes)

2 cups Water

2 onions finely chopped

2 tablespoons oil

1 tablespoon Curry powder

1 large tomato finely chopped

1 cup assorted vegetables (peas, carrots, corn, green beans, etc…) 

Salt and Pepper to taste. 


How to:

Fry Onions in oil until pale color

Add tomatoes and continue to fry and stir for 2 minutes.

Add salt, pepper, curry powder and water and mix. 

Add Rice and Vegetables and stir.

Bring to boil and then reduce heat – until water is no longer visible (around 20-30 minutes)


My son likes to eat it with Yogurt – which is a good idea to reduce the curry spice sensation.

You can add a grilled Chicken, Meat or Fish with the dish to give you a complete meal.



Curry Vegetable Rice
Easy Curry Vegetable Rice Recipe





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