Lebanese Goldfish Memory Syndrome

Apologies to all goldfish – knowing that the 3 second memory has been scientifically proven to be a myth- but we as Lebanese still have not found a cure.

Every now and then there is a media frenzy about restaurants or supermarkets that are serving unhealthy foods etc. and not once did we hear on a follow up plan.

Not once did we hear of any health regulations or precautions that the numerous lists of supermarkets and restaurants that are generated – that are now being enforced. Especially that a few names keep coming up on every occasion.

I am really happy with all the hard work Minister Abou Faour is doing and achieving. I actually think he is the only one in parliament not on a paid vacation.

But we need a PERMANENT SOLUTION! Don’t just throw around names and affect the livelihoods of so many restaurants without following it through. Without rebuilding our trust that our children are protected.

So let’s say I stop taking my kids to the restaurants stated. And stop buying from the supermarkets named. Are the alternatives any better?

How are they better? For how long will they be better?

Once we lose our memory and get intertwined with another superficial political strife that the media will bombard us with … Please give us a permanent safety inspection system….
For the sake of our children …


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