Meet “Teta” Annette & Re-Think What You Eat

With the growing number of health problems that are becoming more and more common in our families – from diabetes to obesity (child or adult) – it’s time to start thinking and eating healthy!

As Super Moms, spending time when shopping to read the food labels and carefully choosing the best and healthiest food choices for our family and children is a MUST!

So when introduced to a new brand of products that were produced and created with that simple mission in mind was honestly refreshing to me.


This company’s heartfelt mission that started with the founder’s love for his family’s health and grandmother, Annette, who passed away early in life due to Diabetes – was the driving force to create and offer a new kind of product to the consumer.

Working alongside an international team of endocrinologists, nutritionists, dietitians and food technologists they have developed a flour low in starch content that would help create bread and dough-based products that would be suitable for diabetics and pre-diabetics alike.

Annette - Super Mommy Review


FAT is no longer the only guilty party in the high rates of obesity. So take a moment to choose your products carefully and help you and your family choose a HEALTHY & BALANCED meal plan. 




Check out Annette’s Facebook page for the available points of sale –



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To advertise or special packages email us on or call +961 70 460 560












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