ABC leads in Food Safety & Responsibility

To put Super Moms mind at ease and as part of its strong commitment to the Lebanese community, ABC has proactively initiated a food safety campaign that included a series of auditing measures conducted on all food & beverage outlets operating in both Achrafieh and Dbayeh branches.

To reassure the consumer, ABC collaborated with the Lebanese Association for Food Safety (LAFS) which introduced a comprehensive process to test the quality of food in terms of operations and hygiene, ensuring that all outlets are compliant with world-class standards.


ABC safety visual

Launched in May 2014 by the Lebanese Association for Food Safety (LAFS) affiliated with the American University of Beirut (AUB), the campaign monitored all food and beverage outlets at both ABC Achrafieh and Dbayeh.

It assessed their performance using globally adopted standards including “Good Manufacturing Practices” and “Good Hygiene Practices”, both followed by the Lebanese Standards Institution (LIBNOR) attached to the Ministry of Industry. This preventive campaign has also set the conditions and requirements of good practices to be followed in terms of health equipment, food control and food processing.

As a result of this initiative, all F&B outlets are food-safe in ABC, complying with the highest food safety and health standards.

 In addition to commissioning the Lebanese Association for Food Safety (LAFS) to lead this task force, ABC management also implemented a series of tactical measures including:

  • mystery shopper tours carried out by specialized experts,
  • regular inspections,
  • self-monitoring
  • enforcement activities using a set of guidelines in order to ensure food safety 

Thanks to this initiative, ABC customers can continue to enjoy dining at its food outlets with family and friends with no worries.

ABC has always supported its partners with a strong commitment to implementing the highest standards as the safety and health of its customers are top priorities.

Hoping all other outlets and malls follow their continued great example… 🙂



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