#justiceforyves. Justice to protect our children.

Speechless. Angry. Sad. Scared.

These 4 emotions have been haunting me since I heard of the horrific murder of a young man who was unfortunate to celebrate his birthday in the presence of uneducated, inhumane thugs.

That something like this could happen. Not that we are the first country that have gun problem but the fact that the murderers may get away with their crime due to the corrupt political system we have in Lebanon.

Why did this happen? Was it worth it? How can they not be punished?

Heartbroken when I think of Yves’ family and the great loss they have to live with.

If they are not punished for their crime… Are any of us safe?
This happened in a night club – but thugs are everywhere these days. So it isn’t just a night time event that can be avoided.

Will my family be safe if we inadvertently annoy a thug in our car, restaurant or anywhere else?

So these are the reasons why this murder affected me personally. And this is why we can no longer be silent or scared…



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One thought on “#justiceforyves. Justice to protect our children.

  1. Oh my dear the problem starts with us as parents that we have let this kind of injustice continue. First why are we still electing these officials every four years we elect the same unfit group of officials. We need to hold everyone of them accountable when the time comes for reelection. Instead of following these politicians blindly like most people in this country we should look at their track record and decide accordingly. the day we perform our civic duty properly then we can shout at the injustice. please do not misunderstand I have two young adults and i worry for their safety every single day. I am horrified at what happened God help the parents what a tragedy to see their life’s dream become an endless nightmare, my prayers are with them . We need to mobilize every parent and stop this madness.

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