Be a true Super Parent and Buckle them Up!

I’m really fed up of seeing babies and toddlers being placed on their “proud” but misguided parent’s lap as they are driving… on the highway, mountain roads or anywhere else is NOT acceptable.

You can not control an accident! 

What is even more disturbing is when they are in the front seat … No seat belt and leaning either forward or out the window!

I have heard people argue that their children don’t like the seat-belt … I’m sure your children don’t like to be handicapped or die either! So I don’t think it’s choice!

Even when they sit in the back seat they should either be in a car seat, booster or securely fastened (depending on their age).

buckle up



  • CAR SEATS when used properly reduce the risk of injury or death by 71% – 82%

  • Booster seat use reduces the risk for serious injury or death  by 45% for children aged 4–8 years when compared with seat belt use alone.

  • For older children and adults, seat belt use reduces the risk for death and serious injury by approximately 50% *


Car seats and Seat-belts do not hurt but if your child refuses and cries when they are in the seat – then we should try to find out why.

Check if you have installed the Car seat or Booster correctly:

Car seat – check if the harness is too tight or if there is anything in the actual seat bothering them. Or it could possibly be too small. Check out more tips for car seat safety here:


Booster or Seat Belt – They are never too old for the seat belt – so try to personalize it for them. They can be found in toy stores – or check with one of the many creative Super mamas that are creating amazing personalized handmade things.





 Be the good example that you children should follow 
buckle up and drive safe!

buckle up


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