Why I want to thank Minister Abou Faour

A few days ago, while doing my weekly shopping at my favorite supermarket, I wanted to buy a dairy product from fridge. I found that a few of the packs were expired a few days before, but also found ones that were still good – with one week left.

I finished my shopping and reached the cashier, where I kindly informed him that they should check the fridge before anyone buys an expired product. The panic on the young man’s face surprised me – I’m sure he thought I was going to inform on them!

He immediately called his supervisor – who kept apologizing and ran and called a meeting for the team in charge of the fridge.

So many of you were skeptical once Minister Abou Faour started his campaign. Was it a publicity stunt? Did it have a hidden political agenda? Or any other conspiracy theory that we Lebanese thrive on and waste our time dwelling over.

So here is my personal point of view:

As a mother, as a Lebanese citizen, I thank you Minister.

Simply: this is the first time I actually feel that a politician is actually working hard to give us a somewhat better and healthier life.  Not bashing the others, but Minister Abou Faour actually made our day-to-day lives a little better – and not gave us a “dream” of a better Lebanon that my great great grandchildren will continue to dream of…

Maybe he shouldn’t have stated the names of the restaurants and supermarkets at first…


Maybe the tourism sector was affected – because after putting aside the fact that our political situation (internally and regionally) is so reassuring – at least now when they do actually visit our country they don’t have to worry about food poisoning!



There is still a long way to go before we can actually be completely at ease … but thank you for getting the wheels to actually turn…

From Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hospitals and recently Day-cares – change and education and awareness is finally happening … so for this I thank you….


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