“Baby on Board” signs – Why every car with a child should have it

When my son was born I placed a really cute “Prince Charming on Board” sign on the rear  car window. To be honest I only put it being a proud mama and wanted the world to know – in addition I wanted other drivers to be careful around me to protect my son.

The second reason is definitely very important – but considering that we Lebanese have a very “unique” driving etiquette – don’t think that message is being understood by drivers.

But the real reason that I urge every Super Parent transporting a baby in their car should have it clearly placed on their rear window is :

If you have a car accident, and the RED CROSS had to arrive to the scene they need to know that there is a baby in the car that can not communicate or call out for help

A few tips:

  1. Keep it clear and simple: With the growing Fad of different signs being placed – always make sure that your “baby on board” message is clear.
  2. Size and Placement: Not too big so that it may affect your own driving and vision – also don’t forget that other drivers also need a clear view of the road.
  3. Remove it when no longer needed – once your child is old enough or is no longer being transported in that specific car.
  4. Respect: Change starts with YOU. Keep your “road rage” in control and the next time you get cut off by a car and they have a “baby on board” let it pass … take a deep breath and just let them go…. but on the other hand, if you do have a baby/child on board – PLEASE DRIVE RESPONSIBLY!


If you know a Super Parent that should have this sign on their car, let them know how important it is – or you can buy one in any bookstore or download and print so many online. No Excuses!


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