A day with the family at the Beirut Souks

Planning activities that will keep everyone in the family is becoming harder and harder. To keep everyone happy including yourself, super mom, can sometimes feel as if it’s a mission impossible.

But then again, with the Beirut Souks it could actually become a “possible” mission.

To be honest, when they first started all the shops were high-end and the choice in restaurants were lacking … but have you been lately?

We just spent the whole day and it was a lot of fun!

We arrived around noon time and had a nice walk around the shopping complex – which is always a good way to build an appetite …

With the opening of the FOOD COURT within the Cinema City complex you now get a wide array of FEASIBLE choices from Roadster Diner, Zaatar w Zeit and Kabaji – you can check the website for any updated names (but these were the ones we ate from today) … Not forgetting the great restaurants that are available in the souks that we also sometimes eat at from BRGR Co., PIZZA Co. and Casper & Gambinis

After lunch, feeling re-energized we let the kids ride on their scooters and just run around a little.

What I like most about the Souks is that it is a mix between and Indoor and Outdoor areas – which is a refreshing change after this long winter. 

We were lucky today to have many fun Activities in the main square and in the Cinema Complex

Easter Egg Coloring Activity by Virgin Megastore
Entertainment at the main square for Easter



At the end of a fun-filled day, all in one location, we had to end it on a sweet note by passing by Cocoa & Co… a must try if you haven’t already!

There are so many places, shops and restaurants you can check out – I just wanted to share what we did in one day … but definitely the Beirut Souks is a great place you have to check out if you haven’t lately.

Please do share your feedback !


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students collage
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