Lebanese Taxi drivers carry weapons & are not afraid to use them…

I didn’t want to blog about this incident that happened to us yesterday, as I just wanted to stop believing that it actually happened…. but many moms in our group asked me to share maybe we can teach some respect …

Yesterday while on our way to work, where the road gets a little tight between the HAYEK and SALLOUMEH roundabouts, a taxi driver opened his door and started provoking us that my husband scratched his car. Told us to park on the side of the road – very very aggressively. My husband shouted at him, but we chose to stay calm and just call our insurance – even though it was a SMALL SCRATCH! No dent – a little bit of polish and it would be gone.

Waiting in our car for 30 minutes … and becoming very late for work,  our insurance rep arrived.

My husband explained that the taxi cut us off as it was obvious from the location of the “scratch”. Once they asked the taxi driver he started talking rudely, which my husband answered back.

Then suddenly the taxi ran towards us and wanted to start a fight! ONCE AGAIN OVER A STUPID SCRATCH!

Then when he couldn’t do any damage, he screamed “I will show you” and ran to his car and opened his car trunk! Immediately the men ran to him to hold him off. Punches flew … one again OVER A SMALL SCRATCH!

I called his company, where the operator told me “what’s happening is not possible as this driver is one of the most POLITE driver they have”….

We got in our car and left, as we will not lose anymore time or effort OVER A SCRATCH and a low-life as this person clearly was… as we had productive lives to get back to…

I am sharing today not to ask for a boycott or anything like that… I just want to bring some sort of awareness.

I have been driven by very polite taxi drivers in the past … and not over generalizing … but it is obvious that the majority seem to be watching or living too many Mafia Movies. 

If the scenario ended differently and this “man” reached for any of the “weapons” he boasted about… how would our lives be? While putting our kids to bed last night I couldn’t stop thinking about this…. 

Even cars passing by when the dispute was happening – all of them kept saying “get in your car and leave all taxi drivers are zo3ran…” … this is the Lebanon I am fighting for, to raise my children in?

Violence no matter what your educational level is … IS NOT A RESORT!

RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT … let’s start with that …

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