TO MY MAN IN THE MAKING! 25 things to teach your son.

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Those lonely nights with my husband away made me reminisce about my dating adventures in my earlier days, especially with the person I have chosen to be my forever date and the one our kids call “dad” today.

And on one of those nights I was asked by my niece (who is 21 years old) “don’t you miss having  butterflies“, and I answered a very platonic answer which made a lot of sense, “when he is the right one even when you are mad at him and going crazy because of him you will have butterflies, I even get butterflies for him when I hold Haya & Zach and kiss them on those chubby cheeks.

Then I see her, or my other girlfriends, so lost and sad because of a guy with unexplained acts who broke their heart.

I look at this little beautiful creature of mine who has just learned how to clap his hands and I think to myself; is this little guy going to make girls cry?

Is he going to be the asshole I’ve been warned about and I want to keep my daughter away from?


So I realized that it takes few things to make an asshole; one of which is how he is raised at home so I decided to gather up the ideas that I really want to plant in my Zach’s head as he grows up:

  1. Find a sport that you love, and play it! Sports will teach you to win with hard work and honor, lose with grace, respect the rules, be in charge of your time, be responsible, keep your body in shape and maybe keep you out of trouble.

2. Save money at every chance you get, even the slightest of amounts, trust me you will need them one day. Your dad and I we will support for as long as we can, but sometimes you might want to surprise us or surprise your beautiful date and you won’t want to share details with your peeps.

3. Never be afraid to come for help. Your dad and I have been there and we know better, we can help you and give you a good advice.

4. Help around the house.  Allow me to show you and introduce you to the dishwasher, oven, washing machine, iron, vacuum, mop and broom, never be shy or lazy to use them, I won’t always be around to do your things!

5. Cook. You can have a look at my recipes book, I have some easy ones that you can prepare for when you are hungry and I am not around and some ones that you can show off when cooking to your friends or date.

6. Pray!

7. Be kind. Never be a bully!

8. Never Ever start a fight, but if some idiot clocks you defend yourself in whichever way you see fit of the situation.

9. Never stop learning. Your knowledge and education are things no one can take away from you; grow them, take care of them and use them.

10. Take pride in your appearance

11. Be kind to girls; forever is a long time to live alone or better yet to live with someone who despises you.

12. “Never take something you cannot give back” always remember this, as you my lovely son, are the one who sets the tone in a physical relationship.


13. Be strong and tender at the same time

14. Don’t make your girl cry , don’t be violent remember Karma exists and is not afraid to come back around you or your sister.

15. Remember that a woman can do anything that you can, she can have a very successful career, earn money as much as you will and maybe more and you can wake up and 3 am and change diapers, equality and mutual respect are the main key to a successful life.

16. We trust you, don’t violate that!

17. “Private parts” are called private for a reason, please don’t scratch them in public

18. Aim well, especially when you pee, or better yet do it just like us women, seated, it is cleaner and better. Unless you are in a dirty public restroom then you can use your power with manners.

19. Be a Leader. Never give in to your friends pressure, it is scary what those people will have in mind; I know what I am raising, be the leader and if you want others to follow they are most welcome!

20. I am your mom, I love you! I do not want to ruin your life, I do not want to embarrass you, I know your best, you respect me outside the house the way you do at home.

SZ 1

21. Your sister is your best friend, you will be on closer proximity to her than us, you put her underneath your wing, love her, respect her, protect her and take care of her at every second you are breathing. She is your sister, your priority and comes before anyone else!

22. Bringing flowers for no reason is always a good idea and never gets old! (even for your old mother)

23. Laugh. A sense of humor is remedy for a lot of things; your dad has a great one, he makes my heart laugh at every opportunity, learn it from him and use it.

24. Please choose your wife wisely. My daughter-in-law will be the key-person for me to spend time with you and my grandchildren.

25. Call you parents! Never forget to call your mother and father, we miss you!





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