Are you still waiting for your Prince Charming for your financial stability?

Growing up I believed in fairy tales.

Prince Charming always saved the Princess in distress and carried her away to his castle, took care of her and they lived happily ever after…



But life always has different plans for us.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to work.

I started working summer jobs when I was 16. I simply wanted to make MY own money and not have anyone ask me why and where I was spending it.

Making money. Working. Being Financially independent. These points are what gave me my own personal security – my own inner strength and peace…

What is Financial Independence?

Living in a society, country, even world where Women are seen as the weaker, less competent of the sexes… being able to stand on your own is the most important strength we as women can possess.

But in the back of our minds, incepted through generations, there is always this need to find Prince Charming.


This is not a call for women to become the main financially responsible partner in the marriage – but having the ability to share in the financial obligations in the home will give YOU inner strength.

When I chose to leave my career, to give and have more time for our children, I didn’t realize not having a stable income would affect me so much.

My husband has been able to cover all the major expenses, and never made me feel that I was lacking now that I wasn’t as “productive” as I was before.

But this lack of stable income has somehow started affecting my own internal strengthmy inner independence




Advice for Stay-at-home Moms

Being a mom, and having a full-time job is exhausting. But being a mom, feeling trapped, and unproductive is the worst thing you can be for your children and husband.

  • Be there for your children, but once they are old enough, and you can find a way, go back to work.
  • Try to find a freelance job if you can’t go back FULL time
  • Try to find a way to fill your time – a hobby can be transformed into a business if you believe in yourself.
  • Never stop believing that YOU CAN DO IT!

Advice for Working Women waiting for Prince Charming: 

Prince Charming is a Fairytale. You will be married to a normal man. A normal human, with his own needs and insecurities.

You are not a Princess. Marriage is hard work. A relationship of 2 equal beings united to create a home and family.

You can succeed in the business world if YOU believe in yourself. When you get married and have kids, your responsibilities increase, but you can manage…

Having the “power” to be an equal partner in your family’s life is very important for you ALL.

Divorce is not always the worst case scenario.We live under religious laws where women lose almost all their legal and financial rights over their children once your spouse passes away… know your rights… EDUCATE YOURSELF



Starting your own business is not easy. Going back to work is tough. But reach deep down inside yourself and find that strength …

You may not be a PRINCESS … but never forget to be a WARRIOR… a SUPER MOM




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