Warriors in Pink: Meet Super Mom Nathalie

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice

Nathalie, 31, is a super mom of 2 boys.

When you meet Nathalie, you can’t but feel the positivity and light that her personality projects.

One afternoon, while her boys were playing with each other, she lay down for a little rest. That was the moment she accidentally felt a lump on her breast.

At first glance the doctor brushed it off… Nathalie is only 31 years old, she was too “young” to have breast cancer…

After testing it was confirmed that it was cancer… and growing…

Nathalie immediately underwent surgery and had her breast removed.

3 weeks after the surgery she had her first Chemotherapy session.


Going through a journey like this you need that positivity and strength to get you through it …

But being a mother of 2 young boys (aged 6 & 3) you need all the strength you can get! At this young age, they can’t understand so many things their super mommy is going through, like why she was always so tired after each chemotherapy session.

When I met Nathalie, she had just finished her 3rd chemo session, but her attitude this time was that of a WARRIOR – physically she felt exhausted, but her mind wanted to LIVE! And choosing to get out of bed and spend a fun morning with the rest of the Warriors in Pink was exactly what she did!


“A strong support system,  a loving family and good friends helped me understand how much love there is in the world,” Nathalie says.

Nathalie’s fight is not yet over, she still has a few chemotherapy sessions left … but the love and strength she has and feels from her family, friends and community is what makes this mom a Super Mom, a Warrior and  a Survivor.

Nathalie chose to share her story to give others hope.

To give others strength.

To spread awareness …

Don’t waste time if you feel something isn’t right, check with your doctor immediately… don’t take it for grantedEARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES

With all my heart I want to thank Nathalie, and all the Warriors in Pink for allowing me to share her story.

Stay tuned throughout October to be inspired by the stories of strength of true Warriors … Warriors in Pink…

Warriors in Pink


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