Warriors in Pink: Meet Super Mom Maya

Sharing a new story of courage and hope. To raise awareness for women to get checked if they feel anything out of the ordinary. EARLY DETECTION CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Blessed to introduce you to Maya, a successful Financial Manager, a super mom of 2, and a WARRIOR IN PINK.

Maya rarely got sick, she even forgot the last time she had to take any kind of medication, so it was a shock to find a small lump under her arm. She is only 35 years old with no history of cancer in her family.

When she went to get it checked, the doctor said it was nothing to worry about and sent her home.

After one month the lump grew from 0.8 cm to 1.8 cm. She went back to have it checked and then immediately had a surgery to have it removed.

While in surgery they found that it needed to be studied and a biopsy was undertaken. And started chemotherapy so that the cells don’t regenerate.


Maya’s strength and determination to LIVE and win this battle was her driving force.

At first, Maya felt hopeless and depressed.

But the greatest support and strength that helped her fight came from her family, community and the amazing team at AUBMC. From the nurses to the doctors, Maya recounts how their positivity and support helped her through this journey.

She completed 8 sessions of chemotherapy in only 3 months.

With cancer, the patient is who everyone focuses on, but Maya recounts that her husband and children also needed support. And they all found this support from their families, schools, work and community as a whole.

Maya’s message to anyone facing a battle: “Find your strength, take care of yourself and most importantly NEVER STOP LIVING”

Let her strength and determination inspire you today. 

With all my heart I want to thank Maya and all the Warriors in Pink for allowing me to share their stories.

Stay tuned throughout October to be inspired by the stories of strength of true Warriors … Warriors in Pink…



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