2 thoughts on “ELLE FIESTA square

  1. The most efficient way to reach a common goal in a market economy like the US, in this case to reduce oil imports, is in my opinion to use the tax tool. In this case it would be to reach agreement that until 2020 the oil taxes should in steps be increased towards European levels. The market will then find the most efficient way to handle higher prices i.e. to save energy and to develop alternatives. You all seem to believe that a governed market economy is politically impossible when it comes to oil. Why is it possible in all European countries but not in US?


  2. Sucesso Isa!Voce tem muito bom gosto… essa sua historia de vida, e o dia a dia junto ao mar, te deramum foco aprimorado e amadurecido para as innervetções! Tem todos os ingredientes para dar super certo!Um beijo,sandra telles


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